Get In The Ring is the newest release from Virtual Props & Poses in the Fantascenes line! With a total of 47 Poses in 3 pose sets this is a monster of a prop! Color change lights have 86 color choices and you can control the back and front lights separately! You can rezz stools, blood and fog and it includes wearable gloves and ring girl signs!


Virtual Props & poses is part of a simwide Easter hunt this Sunday 4-24 starting at 5PM SLT and continuing into Monday! Virtual Props has teamed up with POUNCE clothing and Etchaflesh Tattoos to give you a little variety this Easter!

Here’s a sample of some of the items available in the hunt from Virtual Props & Poses & Etchaflesh.

“Snow White Easter” is based on the pose of Snow White where she’s surrounded by animals only this time it’s baby chicks!  It’s a single pose prop and only available during this hunt!

The Simone skin from Etchaflesh.

Nola skin and Wild Rose gown in cream from Etchaflesh.

When you walked through the door It was clear to me

You’re the one they adore, who they came to see

You’re a  rock star

Everybody wants you

Rock Star is the FIRST of it’s kind and a seriously heavy pose prop! Packed with poses and features this is the ultimate pose prop!

4 Pose sets so 4 band members can pose at once!

30 Poses for the Vocalist

10 Poses for the Drummer

14 poses for the Guitarist with 7 Bonus Poser Poses!!

14 poses for the Bass player

A total of 75 poses!!!

All poses are adjustable to fit different avatar sizes and UNISEX for male or female posers!

The lighting comes with 86 color choices and the back and front lights are controlled seperatley so you can mix up the colors!

Texture change curtains have 11 color choices

Texture change stage has 10 material choices

Props button gives out wearable drumsticks and microphones!

Stage fog can be turned on or off

PYRO! There are 5 choices of pyro for a more authentic photo shoot!

Shark Bait!

Three pose props make up this adorably sexy set! 19 poses in all these are a must have!!

TEN new couples poses are now on sale. Don’t let the theme of the pictures hinder you, they can be used with mortals as well!

I have a ton of new releases but I’ve failed to blog them!  Here’s a quick rundown of the recent offerings from Virtual Props & Poses.

This little beauty was created specifically for Shayariels World Of SL Fashion. This is available for FREE to ANYONE just for stopping by her new headquarters hosted by Virtual Props & Poses. Shay has stuck with me from the beginning and I ADORE her ❤

Two pose sets with Female, Male couples AND friends poses. This is an extremely versatile prop with a total of 39 different poses that can be used in several combinations.

Spooky! This prop is not for the feint of heart! If you have a hint of the macabre in you then this prop should definatley be in your inventory!

Being trapped on a desert island with a hot babe is every mans fantasy. But Gilligan… he aint got nuthin’ on your guy!  12 Sexy poses, some suitable for a male avatar, are packed into this sexy hammock just waiting to be lounged around on.

Highly detailed palm trees make this a unique and stunning photography pose prop!